origami flower for make card, gift and decoration

original color in the art of origami can be ornament of a celebratory interior element cards, gift or decoration for suspension. Be creative and do not forget that life is beautiful

The flower consists of three tiers: 1 and 2 - Modular origami 3 - quilling roll or rose origami.

Paper is better to take the office or a special origami. These colors I use for interior decoration. For the lower tier of the square took 10 cm.

For a flower on a postcard squares of side 5 and 6 cm. On one tier must be 6 modules. 
The planned average square line.

Fold the top corners.

Fold the bottom part of the square.

Fold the midline straight bottom corners.

We turned around and turn over the item on the other side.

Back side.

Now add up the lower part upwards.

According to the planned lines form a petal.

One module is ready. Make another five modules.

Merge modules are interconnected.

One tier is ready.

The second tier of contrasting color. 

Between times: this flower looks like and snowflake. 

Glue the lower tier on the board.

We put drops of glue and glue the second tier. Fasten a rose or other decorative element.

Red flower on a postcard. For cards used cardboard for children's creativity 

Rose Origami: a basic model bird

The inscription in quilling techniques.

Rose origami used to decorate a low-calorie cake.

You can make a flower from one tier. Square - 10 cm. 
Fantasizing can your heart's content!

Be creative and do not forget that life is beautiful!