How to make spruce twigs

How to make spruce twigs:  These are going to do sprigs.
The idea is taken from the book S. Sokolova. “Paper ornaments, stars, garlands.”

For one module need to 1/32 of the sheet of A4 (all fans of modular origami familiar). For clarity, I have a leaf more.

Fold the rectangle combining the short side, expand.

Fold the rectangle in half, aligning the long side.

Bend, combining the sides with the top ply on the opposite sides of the work.

(Intermediate step – folded one side)

But what should happen as a result …

Fold the strip in half.

Fold the corners (two in each direction).

So it looks …”

Then expand.

Vaughn inside corner. Do the same with the remaining three.

The first module is ready.

Put another module.

Apply glue to the outside of the module and place it inside the other (with a small portion remains outside the first module).

Continue to attach the modules until you get the desired length of the twig.
Allow the glue to dry, and then “Fan the needles.”

Good luck!
courtesy: stranamasterov