How to make origami lily

How to make origami lily

To get started, follow the basic shape “equilateral triangle”.

Schedule bisector (also known as the median). To do this, fold the billet in half, and then unbend back.

Place your fingers at the mid-point of the triangle sides and combine them into one.

One hand is not very convenient, and you can easily gather the two is such a helicopter.

The resulting piece laid on the plane-that’s a triangle is obtained.

Fold the right corner of the workpiece so that its bottom side coincided with the vertical fold line, and then straighten.

Use your fingers to move the right side of the resulting “pocket” inside the center.

Do the same with the remaining two sides.

Fold the right and left side of the workpiece so as to combine them into a vertical fold line.

Here is a completed action.
To be safe, you can glue (I have kept, and so).

Repeat with the remaining two sides.

Stretch petals in hand.

Using scissors, gently bend the petals.

That’s half of the lily.
Or completely independent flower – iris.

Make a second piece.

The bottom of one of the blanks lubricate the glue from the inside, and then insert it into the glued side of the second work piece, so that the petals are alternated.

Take a rectangle of green paper.

Make incisions in the photo.

Sharpen “stamen”

Screw on the pencil.
Glue in the middle of a flower.

Lily is ready.

Be creative to your health!

courtesy: stranamasterov