How To Make Monkeys From Old Socks

Monkey – one of the most popular soft toy, bears and bunnies after. Their love is not only kids but also adults! In addition, every 12 years are the year of the Monkey on the eastern horoscope, making monkeys handmade very popular. In this master class it shows How to make monkeys from old socks, so use a lesson and make interesting toys!

How to make a monkey from socks? For starters, you need to take two socks the same color (for example, striped), white and black felt for eyes, a needle, thread, and scissors.

Not all toys from socks need a pattern. For cute monkeys, we will need to make two patterns – for the eyes and ears. The patterns given below shows the different sizes for different types of monkeys: the first column – for adults and adolescent monkeys, the second – for the young, the third – for the very little ones.

Take two socks, turned inside out. First we have a sock heel up: he will be the head and torso with legs. Material from the gum to the heel should be cut in half to make the legs. The second sock put in the profile, looking to his right heel. Toe cut off for monkeys, from the toe to the gum line for making a thin tail. The remaining space of the gum to the heel is two handles, and on the fabric of the toe to the heel will be two ears.

Before starting the work, it is necessary to iron the socks inside out.

I cut out all the parts of socks.

On the wrong side stitched by machine on legs, handles, ears and tail.

Then turn the monkey on the front side.

Stuff cotton inside the body. Push Cotton in feet, you can use tweezers or a pencil for that.

Stitch the opening through which the cotton is stuffed. Cotton fills the handle, and then sewed them to get ready-made parts.

For ears: sew them inside out, and sew up the hole fills. Further, to make the ears more attractive, bend them at the base, and fix the thread. Now you can fill Cotton monkey torso ( body part ).

Handles toys we already have, then it’s time to make the tail. Sew it to turn out and fill Cotton on the front side.

From the white felt for the pattern to cut out space for the eyes.Sew two black buttons as eyes. Fix it with the body part.

Now, on top of the details you need to sew a button-eyes. The muzzle of the toe socks do: sew it fills Cotton. Stems embroider mouth. Volume muzzle ready!

On both sides of the muzzle sew ears.

Fasten the tail and head slightly stitched up, to a more interesting shape.

How to make a monkey out of the socks more functional? You can insert the arms, legs and tail of the wire frame to the limb could change the situation!