How to make herbal ball kusudamka

To make the following (figure 1) used the glass with d = 6cm (it was not unfortunately compass). She folded the circle in half and half again. Make a 4 notch (two “joints” and two potsentru), cut off the cone (Figure 2). Then a pair of scissors to cut corners, has made teeth (Figure 3).

Expand. For daisy just two laps. We stack them on top of each other so that the pitch is not the same.

To cut off the core, two strips of yellow. One 1cm, drugaya- 0,7sm (figure 1). I try to simplify the work, so each strip folded in half, and still half. Make an incision (Figure 2). Be careful with the edges.

Then straighten the strip and wound on the special tool for quilling (I did not have it, splintered spichinku) first strip of 1 cm, and then about, 7cm (Figure 2)

Daisy petals slightly tighten scissors. Remove the core, destroy, inserted into a daisy, glue.

Each daisy glue a strip of paper. And then to triangles kusudamki.

A pentagon is left free. There do cover.

I use five modules. Modules are made of slightly less than 6.5 cm squares.

The connection is shown in Figure 2. The projection of the module is inserted into the pocket of another, while another protrusion in the first pocket (Figure 1).

Type of cover on the front and reverse side.

At the bottom of kusudamki I put a piece of wide bandage, and herbs.