How to make doll umbrella

How to make doll umbrella
I hope I have not bored you. Just now, when I’m trying to make something, I take pictures of the process. Sometimes it works, sometimes more or less something out. So today- umbrella. Hopefully useful.

As always, in the performance of it is very simple

But honestly, I liked it.

I would be very happy if you like it and you.

Materials for the work: air ball (pictured him there, the cat dragged after I took it out of the umbrella), PVA glue, toilet paper, brush, thread, paint, glitter, napkin for decoupage (not necessarily), the wire

Ball inflated as much as needed size umbrella. I have a …

Caused papier mache. (Glue – paper)

After application and drying, even a pair of layers, took the ball. (He did not burst, just a little bit blown away and very easily removed can still sculpt:..) Cut to the size of a semicircle thread

Threads cut in half and added six more of the same. Total 8 happened

Brush glue to glue


Wind the wire on the base gum for money (this time), and it has done in the crown of the umbrella hole

insert the handle

Elastic need not to stagger during operation.

It caused another layer

After drying paint recess


Inflicted pink gouache and pasted cloth. plated shines

That’s all … I hope that was helpful though what that information

Here is a more

Here’s the two

And this is the nightmare when I tried to come up with an umbrella

Cocktail Umbrella and egg shells: ((((Horror … The first two practice makes perfect …