how to make decorattive hat and flip from plastic bag

These decorative caps can be used for interior decoration, but you can dress up dolls or toys and items to decorate. 

For hats take durable bags, I cut stripes on the 
2 cm 

Recruit 4 air loop and meshed into the ring. 

1 row. One loop for lifting and obvyazyvaem column without nakida + 2 loop gain. Got 6 loops.

2 series. One loop for lifting, tied solbikom without nakida + 3 loops. Got 9 loops.

3 series. As well as a number of 2 + 5 sts. Received 14 loops. 
4 series. As well as a number of 2 + 5 sts. Received 19 loops.

View from the wrong side.

5-10 series of knit circle without any allowances. 

Knit hats field with the addition of loops. 
11 series. + 5 loops. Received 24 loops. 
12 series. + 5 loops. Received 29 loops. 
13 series. + 5 loops. Received 34 loops. 
You can go ahead and make the field larger. 
In my case, I got a D = 10 cm, crown height 2.5 cm, bottom diameter of 5 cm.

The last row of a column without nakida tied in the opposite direction without gain. Decorate the hat to your liking.

In another color. 

Option decoration handbags

White hat with large fields. Quilling to decorate. 
Flowers glued "gun". Field diameter - 17 cm, bottom diameter - 6 cm, height crown - 3 cm.

We collect two air loops.

1 row. In the second loop on the hook six bars without nakida. 

2 series. Knit in a circle + 3 loops. Got 10 stitches. 
3 series. 5 + 15 = hinge loops. 
4 series. 5 + 20 = hinge loops. 
5 series. 5 + 25 = hinge loops.

6-10 series. Knit without allowances 

11-17 series. Was added to each row of loops 5-6. 
Edge column without nakida tied in the opposite direction.


We got a beautiful decoration for the interior.

"Do not go, and fly" - this assessment I received from her husband. 
I tried to knit flip flops. Packages took heavy-duty. Knit harder than strong. "Thread" is difficult to pass the formation of loops. 

Fifteen stitches.

Knit column without nakida. In extreme hinges on three columns without nakida.

Three column without nakida to rotate in extreme loops (photo closer).

Six rows of the column without nakida. In the formation of the heel and the toe add 3 loops in each row.

Finished knit sole, turn to the top of the slipper. Eight hinges for the front wall of the lower row of loops.

Knit for obmom feet. 

Try on.

Tie the top of slipper on the sole.

Tied contrasting "thread".

Slippers tied for yourself. 
Garnish with decorative caps. For hats has cut the covenants to 1 cm, hook №1.5.  can knit and tiny things. Diameter 4cm fields.

The sole of the old, and the top replaced in the plastic. Apply soles of old slippers very convenient. Sewn by hand. Very good option updates slippers. The sole is in good condition, top - out of order. His handle is made small restoration favorite slippers. I really enjoy working with polyethylene! 

Knit of plastic bags is very interesting!