How to make Christmas star

Take a rectangle of corrugated paper 9 × 4,5 cm. Brush the half glue stick. Fold in half and glue. Cut out the circle.

Now produce leaves. We shall cut strips of corrugated paper 6-9 cm long and 1.5-2 cm wide (not wider!). corrugation lines have to walk along the strip.

First squeeze the edge of the strip, and then twist it flagellum. Do the same with the other hand. flagella have to get small, about 1 cm long.

Do it for each "flower" for about 10 red and 10 green leaves. number may be different. Dimensions of leaves must be different.

Glue on the prepared circle of green leaves.

  1. Glue the closer to the center of the red leaves. Attention! As this red leaves rather than flower petals glued them so that was visible stalk (stem) leaves. Roll up a few lumps of yellow or light green paper and glue them in the middle. "Flower" is ready!
  2. Of the individual flowers can make a garland, you can make a card, pictures, or a magnet on the fridge. 

ornamental flowerpot

  1. We shall cut strips of white and yellow crepe paper 13 × 25 cm (along the lines of corrugation. Make of them 4 double yellow  on the spokes of 4.5 cm.

7 Do a double white tubes. The two leave for decoration the top and bottom, and cut the remaining half. Short tubes (4 cm long), lubricate the ends with glue and paste, skirting around yellow. Paste them through a single, staggered.

Gluing five rows of short tubes. Glue the top and bottom bezels (the ends to the base). Planters ready.

You can plant our poinsettia!