Easy brush drawing

Easy brush drawing

So, I need the following materials: watercolor, watercolor paper sheet of A-4, a stencil of cardboard, no longer need a toothbrush, brush squirrel 5 and 2.

How to make a stencil, I recounted in the preceding master-class “Summer. Butterflies (Part 1). I got so much beauty here, I immediately made a lot trafaretov- the number of children in the group. Here are just three. Cut Butterfly as templates I will be used in other classes.

Located sheet vertically and began toned watercolor downward so that the paint to flow smoothly into each other. To do this, add a lot of water, but not enough to have a puddle! I use light shades. This is the beginning.

Here is the conclusion. At the bottom of the sheet a little bit darker. Giving dry.

Then she took a plastic dosochki for modeling as a palette. On it with a brush, paint caused dark burgundy. It takes a lot of water. Stencil put on the stained sheet

With the technique of “spraying” I think a lot of friends. But just in case, I tell you how I did. Brush with paint palette gained, thus, it DO NOT NEED WATERING! Keep straight on the sheets! The work is dirty, so it is necessary to reduce spray in a minimum! And the way to start, “the” spray on the opening-image of a butterfly. This can be done with your finger ….

but the work will be much cleaner if sprayed perform moving piece of metal bristles of the brush in a direction for yourself! It is important not to stay dirty!And I will also explain to the children. They love to do it “by itself” and as a result all the spray flying in a sheet, and clothes!

One more time

That should work. See, I lay a newspaper and pre-bonded staple stencil. Giving dry.

Once removed the stencil happened like this. This option is not so liked me, so I made a new one. Here, in my opinion a bit dark. Although, maybe he someone like!

To finish with a fine brush grass with different shades of green. And again, I have them dark.

If desired, you can sprayed on top of all the work, but at the bottom of a little more!

Framed on the wall

This work I liked more. There is already painted with grass and butterflies made lighter colors

Here with spraying

And in the frame

Hopefully, the work is useful to work with children! All of success! Later, I want to lay out the work of children.
Courtesy: stranamasterov.ru