For the manufacture of a cockerel in the technique of quilling need:
  • - A set of slips of paper (or just elements of "closed spiral"), bright colors;
  • - A long wooden skewer (or a special tool for this art crafts);
  • - A tube of glue PVA;
  • - Thick cardboard;
  • - Rooster image;
  • - The paper file.
Since paper spiral I had a diameter of 3 cm, and a rooster to get more. The smaller circles are, the slimmer will hack.

For the work you need three basic quilling elements : a drop, eye and arm .
To make the drop, you need one hand to hold the spiral, and the second to form a sharp corner.

For the manufacture of eye corners element must appear at two opposite sides of the fold is therefore synchronous with both hands.

A boom element is obtained when the spiral fold in half, with both hands simultaneously.

If I need to connect the two parts together, I use a paper clip. 

So, in the "painting" I found a very beautiful image of a rooster, print it on a sheet of white paper. 
She put in a file for documents and thick cardboard sheet with a picture of the hero. This is to ensure that the hack could be used as an independent element. 

On the crest, I paid a generous layer of PVA glue. 5 red and glue pieces called drop.

From black, white and orange slips, I formed a tight roll and it will turn the birds eye.

From white and light yellow pieces of paper made head and beak.

5 elements I went on the neck and 2 - on earrings under the beak. 

Gradually, I filled the blank of paper body, the wing and the bird's legs.

On the tail and wing elements matter most, and they are all bright saturated shades of green, blue and orange.

As such, I left work for the night near the battery. This is to ensure that the adhesive PVA has dried up well, and all the parts firmly scrapie. 
On the morning of the image easily separated from the stencil.

Get breathtakingly beautiful tracery Cockerel. His height - 25 cm. 
You can use it as a toy on the Christmas tree. To do this, just need to attach a small rope.

That's my hack looks on the branches of spruce. 

You can stick to the bright rooster cardboard, and it will be a postcard. You just need to write on the back of nice wishes and congratulations to the year Cockerel.

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