Bunch of hearts

Prepare white writing paper, two-sided red paper, white crepe paper.
  1. We shall cut strips of white and red paper width 2.5 cm.
  2. See how you can mark up hearts. Bend area.

3. Fold the side.

4. Cut.

5. Fold in half.

6. Lay down on the diagonal.

7. Cut out a semicircle.

8. Sawn heart is ready. Do it for one branch, two red and two white heart.

9. Cut out a strip of corrugated paper 7 × 18 cm.
10. Make these cuts.

11. Fold in half the narrowest strip and twist it into a flagellum.

12. Twist as a second stripe.

13. Lay down and screw the rest of the band.

14. Do the same with the second half of the band.

15. Roll the tube in the rest of the wide and twist it into a tight tourniquet. Sprig ready.

16. Little pruning two ends.

17. Brush the glue half a heart, put a sprig in the middle.

18. Close your heart and firmly press.

19. Glue the remaining hearts.

Make several of these branches, and out of them a bouquet. Give it to him to whom you want to bring joy!


You can take a brown paper for the branches. If you change the number of notches and their depth are obtained twigs of different configurations. They can glue the leaves or flowers.

coursty -  Tatiana Prosnyakova