114 Year Old Man Reveals The Secret To His Disease Free Life: 5 Foods To Eat Every Day

Bernardo Lapallo  is 113 years old and he is still capable of moving around and takes care of himself independently.
Every day he walks at least 2.5 kilometers in the park or in nature but this man also have teeth, hair and just few wrinkles. Bernardo explains that genetics may have huge impact as he comes from a family of long-lived people. Namely, he recalls that his grandmother lived 107 years, his mother 105 and his father 99 years.
However, he admits that the best advices and key tips for longevity he had received from his father who was a doctor and herbalist. His father advised him what he should eat in order to stay healthy. All people should lead such lifestyle every day. By consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, consuming plenty of water, exercising on regular basis and enough sleep.
Bernardo recommends that there are several ingredients that should be consumed regularly, including honey, cinnamon, garlic, olive oil and chocolate.
Honey is a natural elixir of health and people should consume it every single day. This golden liquid is high in antioxidants and can help against a long list of ailments. It is of extreme importance to buy organic honey in order to get all of its medicinal properties and get benefit from them. Honey is extremely beneficial for your overall health our advice is to start consuming it.
Besides its amazing flavor, cinnamon has the ability to reduce the cholesterol and blood sugar, but in same time fights yeast infections and inflammation and improves digestion. It is advisable to add this spice in your meals for longevity.
Garlic is one of the most popular ingredient in variety of natural remedies and it can cure an array of medical conditions. Garlic has active ingredient alicin that possesses numerous medicinal properties. Due to the allicin, garlic has the ability to reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Garlic also is efficient in preventing atherosclerosis which actually is the root cause of heart disease. By consuming raw garlic you will get most of its health benefits.