Paper Chinese Money Plant DIY

The Chinese money plant aka pilea and pilea peperomioides, such a looker! If anyone knows where I can find a live one... holler! In the mean time, I have crafted a paper one! You can too in just a few easy steps.

What you need: green paper, wire cutter, wire, paint, paintbrush, scissors, glue stick, hot glue gun, pot of your choice, foam, pebbles.

Cut circles of various sizes, from 1.5"- 2" you can cut by hand or use a circle paper punch. Cut a slit in each circle and use your glue stick (I like UHU stic) to create a shallow bowl by overlapping and gluing one side of the circle on the other. Carefully paint pale green lines from the center of the leaf to create the veins. Bend a small loop on one end of the wire and use your glue gun to add it to the back of the leaf. With floral foam or styrofoam in your pot arrange the stems in the pot. Once you have as many leaves as you like, finish off your sculpture by covering the foam with pebbles.