How to make vase from plastic bottle

Such a “good” is an empty container, we almost every day, take out the trash. It turns out that somewhere and it can be useful, for example, to make a nice bowl and embellish your home.
You will need:
Any empty bottle-poltorashka,
acrylic or any other color,
knife or scissors,
ribbons and sundries for decoration.
Each case should be started in a good mood. Let’s start!
Cut the bottom of a plastic bottle, it will serve as the top of the vase.

Now, cut the top of the bottle, it will be the lower part of the vase:

The edges of the top of the vase can be rounded – tip pen to draw or cut on the “eye”:
And now you can simply glue the two pieces of the vase, but I went through serious: a knife cut through a round hole in the bottom of, inserted in the lower part of the hole and tighten the cap. The case is time-consuming, had heated in the fire and the knife to cut a hole the right size. You pick and choose how you will act, but so far the best kept parts of the compound of the vase.

This “structure” are going to decorate. The edges of the top and bottom of the vase smear glue and sprinkle with buckwheat. Well still pressed buckwheat fingers to better stuck.

And waiting for the glue to dry.
When buckwheat stuck, you can start painting. I chose a golden color because I have all sorts of stuff exactly the same color, and you choose any which like. Paint the vase:
And again, we are waiting for the now dry ink:

Well, who would dare say that this is an ordinary plastic bottle? It would be possible to leave my vase and so, but I decided to add some more elements. She found a strip of guipure and pasted on the upper edge of the vase:

A down to decorate my handy spider, lace and ribbons:

And in the end it turned out is such a vase of plastic bottles:

Well, now it was the turn filled with something and find a suitable place home. You can put flowers:

And you can put such chestnuts, stick sticks and get the composition, which also add comfort in the house:

Or you may like:

Here is another bunch:

courtesy: posekretuvsemusvetu