Homemade Natural Hot Oil Treatment clears all Hair Problems, Must try and share

Homemade Hot Oil Treatment for Your Hair
Ingredients :
-90 ml/6 tbsp coconut oil
-3 drops rosemary essential oil
-2 drops tea tree essential oil
-2 drops lavender essential oil
-dark-colored glass bottle with stopper
Preparation and usage:
-Pour all the ingredients into the bottle and shake gently to mix. Use the oil sparingly on dry hair.
-Massage the warm oil in, then cover your head with a warm towel for 20 minutes. Shampoo as normal.
Head massage for common Hair Problems:
For a therapeutic head massage, warm the oil in the palm of your hand and apply it to the top of your head. Using the pads of your fingers make circular strokes across your scalp with medium pressure.
Work methodically from the front to the back, covering the whole head. When you have finished, cover your head and leave the oils for as long as possible to sink into your hair and scalp.

Greasy hair: Massage stimulates the sebaceous glands to work properly and help prevent the hair follicles from clogging up with sebum. Jojoba hot oil helps to regulate over-productive sebaceous glands. For hair washing, use mild shampoos and avoid washing too often.
Dry hair: Massage, combined with regular hot treatments, is ideal for conditioning and moisturizing dry hair. Ideally leave the oil in overnight. Avoid hair products that contain ethyl alcohol, which dry the hair.
Hair loss: Massage will have a stimulating effect, speeding up the delivery of nutrients to the roots and hair shaft and encouraging new hair growth.