Flower from nylon

Anyone who probably loves potted plants. These plants are very picky, and special care for them is not required. However, not everyone can afford or simply do not want to keep the house potted plants. Lovely way out of this situation – to do his own flowers from nylon and wire. This addition to the interior requires no maintenance – it does not need water and fertilize, it is unpretentious and it is very valuable.

To create this product, we need materials such as:
Manicure scissors;
nylon (if you do not, you can use the usual nylon stockings, painted in green and pink);
Satin green ribbon;
white thread;
copper or iron wire.

1). To begin forming wire rings for the future of flower petals. For added convenience, it is recommended to make the middle of the flower – let it be a small ball of pieces of nylon, which we will fix in the middle of the product.
Then we pulled into pieces pink nylon wire, tight them every lepestochek and anchoring at the ends.
2). According to the above instructions are building more petals. Then fastening them together using wire.

3). Having flower of six petals, gently fix the ends with wire.
4). Then take the green satin ribbon and form a stalk for our products. To do this, primotat long stretches of wire to the ends of the inflorescence and green ribbon to wrap them.
5). We make several inflorescences (about 13-15 pieces).

6). Then bonded to each other, these inflorescences. We get the ball out of the seven inflorescences. Now, the product takes on a more finished look.

7). But that’s not all. Again take complete inflorescence and filled all the empty space hyacinth.

8). That’s almost ready. Finally, the finishing step. Plants need leaves. We form of elongated wire droplets. Then, cut the nylon green, obtyanem them blank and fasten it at the ends.

9). Flower is almost ready. To complete the composition, you can take a small pot or bowl, fill the bottom of pebbles and stones between the insert made us green leaves. Now our product is ready.
Boldly creates! And remember: hand made, not only flowers from nylon, but also all other things are always more valuable, because you put yourself in the creative process. Flowers of nylon giatsiny own making can serve as a wonderful gift. That they can please your family, friends or loved ones

Courtesy: lesyaka.ru