Beautiful decor lamp

 how to do that’s so beautiful decor lamp with your hands. The following will describe the order that I needed to do, and step by step creation of this masterpiece.

and beads

All free shipping. Flowers are packed by 10 pieces in the package in good condition: no smell, no mashed (not even had to steam). The flowers removed (just pull) wire, imitating stem, it will not be needed.

Well, if you have an old lampshade that requires decor. I also had to find the easiest to store  I bought a foundation for my future lamps, lamp shade and base.

To fix the flower and beads used a hot glue gun.

With hot glue work easier, above all on long leave the gun on without action. During gluing flowers and beads – the glue hardens in fifteen seconds. So much effort is not necessary.

On decor lamps it took 10 packs of colors (total 100 pieces) and 1 bag of pearls, and that much left. More exactly, it was easier to arientirovatsya: lampshade diameter 45 cm, height 28 cm,

That’s the beauty turned out. I wish you all good luck, go for it !!!! It would be a desire !!! 
I have to say: lighting decor itself has no effect. The very first photo was taken just when the lamp. It covers the same like glued to the colors and after.