Revival of Carlina flower

Now it is forbidden to pick them up. These have at least 15 years. The weather and dust them had now deprived of beautiful corolla, I was going to throw them when I got the idea to give them a new flourishing ……. here’s how I did

the first thing I removed all the petals and prickly leaves, I gently brushed the center of the flower and I blew the dust off the phone

I washed and dried a few leaves of corn cobsI clipped from each of many small petals

I also prepared a bowl of cleaned and dried pumpkin seeds,

are of a particular type, a bit ‘smaller and have a pinstripe darker on the edge

last ingredient, invisible but necessary …a bowl of patience

with hot glue I glued a round of pumpkin seeds all around the heart of the flower

I also glued a second round

in the end I also glued a round of corn petals

and here are my new carline

I combined with ferns made with dried foliage of palms

I created my composition using this as a container holder porcelain vase and pure gold