Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Panels made cocktail tubules

Crafts from different special cocktail tubules create colorful and cheerful mood. If you decide to give a second life worthy of plastic assistants for starters, you can try the panels that decorate your weekend house. Painting with colorful asters can not leave anyone indifferent.
For work, we need: Cocktail tubes of different colors, cardboard, scissors, glue “Moment”, sisal.
Getting Started:
 Cut tube by 45 degrees into sections of different lengths. We used 2 types of tubes (of different diameters).

From cardboard cut out circles

In the first row using the longest stretches of cocktail tubes.

In a second series of “petals” use tubes of another color.

Painting and scope of future color depends on your imagination and desires.

Back view.

Cut the templates for the flower leaves.

Cut green tubes at an angle to a length of about 0.5 cm.

 Getting green plastic stick with overlapping each row in the template.

 For the basics of painting using sisal. Sisal is made from natural plant fibers. Sisal or sisal – coarse fiber obtained from the leaves of the Mexican decorative plant – agave. Routinely use the word “sisal” comes from the name of the Mexican port – Sisalna. Widely distributed the material for decoration of premises used in floristry and other types of decorative art. Its scope is not limited: it is very pleasant to the touch, pliable and at the same time hard and durable material. It looks natural sisal fiber and original due to its natural origin. In addition, sisal – an environmentally friendly product. The sale can be seen as separate sisal fibers, and compressed into a thin sheet.Constituents of the composition.

Framing the picture in a beautiful frame, using the tubes in a contrasting color.
courtesy: radugamaster