Sunday, 11 September 2016

Origami flower

We need: colored paper, a cocktail stick, soft green, glue and wire. 5 Cut out the squares (I have them 5 by 5 cm.)

At first we put flower petals. The first step – take the square and fold it in half, then each half in half, too. Like this.

The second step – outline two small square diagonally

The third step – razvernŃ‘m and outline another diagonal

add the right-hand side of the sheet inside. Like this.

The fifth step – formed the first, second and third quarters of a square with an accordion.

Sixth from left by-the order  corners inside.

Seventh step – add the third and fourth quarters of a square.

The eighth step – turned our tab and lay down a little box like that.

Ninth Step – turned petal opened, half of the small square on the diagonal hide in the inner bottom pocket.

Make five petals

Acute lower tails little – a little glue. Let us collect all the petals of a flower.

Corrected to make it …. until the glue dries.

Now the stem. Take a cocktail stick. Inside the wire insert for stiffness design. At the ends of the wire not to taken off from the tube.

Glued to the tube sepal and then flower. Leves can do what you want. At me here such.