Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Print with butterflies Internet (you can color version to make butterfly coloring hair in exactly)

Draw the outline of a butterfly handle to make it easier then redraw on the fabric (see better).

Apply to draw the butterfly prepared Patchwerk and cut around the outline of the butterfly 


Dry the 3 hour, then pereverut on the reverse side and to cut around the butterfly has a reverse side, dried 3 h. After drying the ironed by x / cotton fabric for fixing the paint.

Then color the butterfly a pencil.

Apply colorless nail polish and glitter powder (I have glitter - gold). It can be used for decoration and microbeads.

Cut the finished wings of a butterfly.

Wool Felting matted body of the butterfly.

The tip body tuck and fasten thread, thereby issuing a head.

Glue to the body of a butterfly's wings with glue - gun.

paint the body

The butterfly is ready. If the body of the butterfly with glue - glue gun small pin can be used as a brooch if gum or pin - like hair ornament.

courtesy: liveinternet