Friday, 30 September 2016


I do not know how it's called. Cover or not? But something interesnoe. such cover can be made of any crockery bowl. This class will make a paper vase from a paper. A great option for cottage or office.

We will need: 
paper boxes or cardboard, glue, brush, acrylic, compass, pencil, scissors, plastic bottles.
Draw a template from which we cut circles out of cardboard. Inside it, draw a triangle with equal sides.

Cut and bend of the fold. As a result, we have a triangle-piece.
Then, begin to glue them together. Start the installation by gluing several pairs of modules to the band in the ring. Putting the cylinder size. We put in a pot (we have a plastic bottle). Vase ready. For lovers of decor, decorate further on your own. Paint, decorate ...