Thursday, 8 September 2016


What is needed:
  • Rod
  • Paper
  • PVA glue

Paper size for making pens depends on what kind of paper you use density. If you are using regular office paper, the need for one pen A4 sheet. 
parallel long side of the paper draw a cutting line, putting distance slightly greater than the length of the rod. It will handle housing. One of its edge should be slightly slanted (to get a sharp spout handle) to postpone this with one hand and draw a 10-15 mm diagonal line cutting. On the other hand postpone twice 5 mm, and also draw a line parallel to the edge. This will cap and bottom of a cap itself.

Smear a thin layer of glue over the wide end of the strip to the housing and tighten the rod there. When it dries out a bit, carefully and tightly wound on the entire strip roal thin layer of adhesive. Give the handle to dry.

To make the cap first turn back a narrow strip of paper, its width should be the same as that of the handle.

Then  glue and wrap the remaining strip of paper,  To control the size of the cap, do it right on the handle.

The handle can be ready to paste a piece of beautiful wrapping paper or a picture from a magazine or draw a paper itself. The handle can be lacquered. For example, water-based varnish for children's creativity. 
This handle can be a good gift to friends and relatives, you can make decorations based on the tastes and interests of each.