How to make organizer from old jeans

Measure out and cut to size with allowances.

Glue the material to the bank, notched on both sides.

One side.

On the other … Use glue gun is a pleasure. Work just flies.

And so with all the jars …

Now the best part: decorate!

Contours glued together jars, cut out the bottom.

Paste over the bottom. Is glued to the bottom of the jars on the glue “Titan”, as a large surface area is necessary to have time to miss the mark.

Everything must be neat, even where it is not visible. I like twine, so there has not been without it.

The first method. From spiral. I think the photos will tell all about

The second method. From the strip with a fringe.

The third method. Squares of different sizes.

everything is now in place.

courtesy: stranamasterov