Monday, 2 May 2016

Blue flower in the facing technology

Let's make a bright blue flower in the facing technology. First you need to choose the color crepe (corrugated) paper. And also to prepare an empty ballpoint pen, PVA glue and thick paper as a canvas.

  1. From corrugated paper strips cut into squares with a side of the eye of about 1 cm.
  2. Draw on heavy paper or cardboard of any pattern.
  3. Apply a thin strip of glue along the contour of a pattern on a small plot.
  4. The end of the rod (the blunt end) put on the box.
  5. Crumple square rod and rolled between the fingers.
  6. You get a color tube-tortsovochka.
  7. Put it on the glue.
  8. Remove the rod.
  9. Every following tortsovochku stick close to the previous one. Try to put tortsovochki close to each other, to leave no gaps.
  10. Mosaic technique can be performed on the facing contour or to make a solid.
  11. It can be in the same technique to fill in the background around the pattern. Get a little fluffy carpet