Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Stamen making idea

That is what we need. Threads iris, nail polish, brush, 
glue diluted with water (if there is a thick, thread not impregnated with glue) 
and small beads for decoration (you can buy one that scrap 
or at any store where there is a decoration for nails)

№1 Threads I pulled out what was at hand 😉 dryer, missed a good glue 
№2 And now we wait until dries 
№3 Can such an option, bend the wire, pull the thread, put on paper and fluff. And then hang somewhere to dry. 
Do not forget №4 after remove the sheet of paper, to walk again without glue brush. And excess glue evenly retracts and the rest will fall.

№1 Here we are ready to stick. 
№2 Now consider several options. First, lowering the tip into the PVA glue is obtained droplet (sorry for the quality, not like my body. Well focused way) 
№3 Immediately gently dipped in a drop of beads from all sides. 
№4 on and is ready now to put any container to dry .

№1 to the second embodiment have to tinker. Macao in the nail tip. 
№2 What would not drip paint the entire length of the thread, I am very drop of a few seconds is blown. So I have to do a few times. In my case, it happened five dipping. Between each layer long awaited (cox paint rather quickly) until the last thread Makala, first already quite dry. But the other end of the thread, has done all the “procedures” the next day. 
№3 Well, here’s our stamens. 
№4 This version of their use.