Sunday, 6 March 2016

Confetti Skillful Painting Pretty And Exclusive 3D

To make pictures in 3D, you need to prepare:
– 1 wooden frame (without glass)
– Coloured kinds 
– Sucking dried flower arrangements
– 1 bunch green zinc (as stem)
– Paint the white
– Patterned paper cutting machine
– Strip wire fence white 
– Seed beads, stone color (do pistil)
– Glue gun
– Small pliers
– Pull
Step 1 : – First, you print the form, the pistil on paper and cut them out

Step 2 : – Depending on each type of flower that we will need 2-3 samples and one sample petal pistil .

Step 3 : – You put and paste the petals closed together as shown. Note only one sufficient amount of glue and avoid sticky hand will you do?

Step 4 : – Now, you paste 2-piece petal pattern rest on the bottom sample was pasted bunched flowers in step 3.

Step 5 :
– Use your fingers to squeeze light yellow pistil fraction bunched up and glued to the flower center, that you’ve completed form and tulips

Step 6 : – To make chamomile, you need to use 1 small wooden spatula, then gently stroked the petals curved direction in mind. – You do turns like that with all the big and small floral patterns and stacking them on each other. Use glue to fix the back petal layers.

Step 7 : – Finally you use glue 1 stones in mind to make the pistil.

Step 8 : – You use pliers trimming long zinc, short as you like and paste them into the flower you did above

Step 9 : – Next, use scissors to cut strips of green paper with length equal to the length inside of the frame and cut off the air click the image to do the grass .

Step 10 : – Breastplates measure and cut flower sponge length equal to the length inside the frame, then make them glued to the back of the frame.

Step 11 : – pat lightly to create a feeling of grass seed, “truth” more.

Step 12 : – Now, you use glue to the front part cover part grass flower tip

Step 13 : – Now start florist foam to the public. You can plug in optional mutual alternation types, and remember to use light hand bend zinc segments to create a feeling of flowers growing “real” than offline!

Step 14 : – Cut 1 piece fence with length equal to the length of the frame and use glue to make again, so that you have completed already.

The picture of this before we finish!