Natural Ways For Re-growing Your Hair In Just 10 Days

You lost your hair and you are worried? Don’t worry here are simple ways which will help you to re-grow your hair. Maybe you use many treatments and they don’t help you but be sure those ones will help you!

Hair loss is caused by many factors. Some of them are : hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiencies, stress, insomnia, thyroid issues, smoking, genetics, and menopause. Be careful with the product you use for washing your hair because and they affect on your hair.

To be honest there is no way to stop hair loss to the maximum but there are ways to decrease the hair loss with some natural  treatments.


When you have free time use it to meditate. You will relax your body and that will help us in decreasing of hair loss. Leave the mobile, TV and computer for a minute and start to meditate. Maybe you think that this is bullshit but try it and you will see the differences.

Food you should consume

Change your eating habits and start to eat low fat  food. Eat food that contain: iron, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s. Every day you should consume:

2-4 servings of fruits
10 servings of vegetables
4-5 total servings of beans and dairy or 2-3 servings of lean meat
Eggs, fish, nuts, walnuts, avocado, and seeds
Change your meals, don’t eat the same things every day, for better results.


Massaging your head seems like another bullshit, but massaging tour head you relax it and that strengthen the skin which prevents hair loss. Massage your scalp slowly to stimulate circulation and help drain toxins. For better results you can use oil like coconut, castor, olive, almond, or sesame. Massage your head 10 minutes per day.

Homemade recipe:

We will suggest you homemade recipe made from licorice, burdock root, and dandelion root.


4 ounces water
Licorice root
Burdock root
Dandelion root

Rub the licorice in a glass then fill it halfway with water.
Rub the dandelion and burdock root with a stone or in a food processor into a fine paste.
Blend the paste with licorice water and apply to your scalp.
Leave it on your head for 24 hours then wash it off, it will stick to your scalp like white cement.