Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Idea to make balloons flower

To make a Daisy flower, you’ll need two balls: green – for the stem and bright – for the petals. Before you start be sure to re-read about the twist in the form of a tulip in a twisting secrets! 

1. Naduy ball, leaving 10 cm free at the end. Do twist in the form of a tulip. 
2. Twist the 10-inch bubble, from a tulip-shaped twist. Then make two medium bubble and lock twist them. This will be one leaf on a stalk. 
3. Similarly, make the second leaf. Stalk ready! Flower 1.Polnostyu naduy ball. Then gently release the air (for 2 seconds), so that the ball became soft (do not forget to do this, or later when the twist ball burst). Then tie a knot. Squeeze the end of the ball to get the 1.5-inch tail, and then tie the two ends together. twist the ball at a point directly opposite the site. Now the ball is evenly divided into two parts. 2.Slozhi both parts together. Squeeze them to consider ¬ standing, equal to one-third of the length, and twist. Then squeeze them at a distance equal to two-thirds the length and wring again. You should now have three equal parts. 3.Slozhi together the parts received fan. All joints should line 

And now the most difficult stage! Squeeze ball joints in place and lock twist them together. It would be better if someone will help you do this. The result of the six flower petals. Compound 1.Vozmi stalk for tyulpanchik. Prosun ball joints between the petals so that tyulpanchik-serdtsevinka appeared in the center of the flower. Daisy ready.