Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Android Mobile (Full Guide)

Sometimes Accidentally we delete many of our photos and videos. Now we think how we get back our old memories and videos in our android mobile. Don’t panic , Here I told you a simple way to recover your deleted files like movies and pictures in android mobile.

 There are many ways to recover your android mobile data but many of them are free, working in rooted and non-rooted mobiles. Here I tell you all methods that works best in your android mobile.

Recover Data From PC (Non Rooted Phones)

This is one of the most popular method, If you accidentally delete your android mobile data from your memory card, just connect your phone with pc in mass storage device. If you don’t want connect your pc , just plug your memory card to pc from memory card reader.
This is pretty easy now download Recuva File Recovery Software from his official website. Recuva software is totally free and available for all window pc users. Download and install this software in your PC.
When you start this software you see a setup wizard, choose the file format you want recovered in your phone. If you want recovered only pictures just select pictures.

 Now select your removable drives or Folder.

 This software takes only seconds to recover your deleted data. Now you can recover your android mobile data to pc and transfer to your android mobile later. This method is free , easy and available for all android mobile user.

Recover from Without PC from Android App (Root Needed)

  1. Download Undelete Android App from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and select your storage device(external or internal)
  3. This app takes 2-3 minutes depending on your storage device or memory card.
  4. Now you recover your photos, videos and documents from selecting it.
  5. This is fast and very easy method. 

Download Recycle Bin for your Android Mobile

This sound is crazy but this is real , you can also download recycle bin for your android mobile like windows computer. If you accidentally delete something in your android mobile, you can recover easily from its original file location. Download Dumpster android app from Google Plays Store.
You can recover your deleted music, videos, images, files , documents and also uninstall apps. This is one of the best app if you want recyclebin in your android phone.