Install 2 Whatsapp on Same Android Phone

World is getting smart, so are we. Now a days we generally use Dual-SIM mobile phones- One for your dear wife/girlfriend and other for your X or Office .But we generally have only single Whatsapp installed on our smart phone. Whatsapp has become part and partial of everyone’s life. What if you have Whatsapp activated using both of your SIM Cards! This method is quiet easy and simple!

Today we have solution to install 2 Whatsapp on same android phone , which means you can use 2 Whatsapp account on same android phone without switching between them. One can also install 2 wahtsapp on single sim android phone or install 2 whatsapp on simless android phone/tablet. Which will make your tasks easier.

Best thing is that this tutorial to Install 2 Whatsapp on Same Android Phone / Dual Whatsapp on Android Phone you need not to be rooted! :) Today’s tutorial will mainly focus at installing OGWhatsapp alongside Whatsapp on Android Phone without any user conflicts and thus use both sim card numbers to activate them and use Whatsapp on both the SIMS using same android phone.
Now not wasting your time any more, Let us proceed to Install 2 Whatsapp on Same Android Phone :

  1. First of all, You need to have 2 SIM cards working which are currently available with you so that we can activate 2 whatsapp on same android phone without any problem.
  2. Now open the Original or Stock whatsapp and Tap on options and then Settings >> Chat Settings >> Backup Conversions to backup full whatsapp data along with contact details.

3. Now Just Clear all your Whatsapp Data by Going to Settings >> Applications >> Whatsapp >> Clear Data

Now go to your SD card and there you will see a folder with name : Whatsapp , Now rename that folder to OGWhatsApp as you can see in the below picture,

  1. Now just Uninstall Whatsapp Original version from your Android Phone.
  2. Thereafter, Download latest OGWhatsapp for Android phone
  3. search in google
  4. Now install OGwhatsapp on your Android Phone and simply activate it with your previous number, which was your earlier Original Whatsapp number.
  5. After activating you will see all your Conversations which were done using original whatsapp on OGWhatsapp.
  6. Now to run 2 whatsap on same Android phone simultaneously with two accounts- Now just download Whatsapp either from Playstore or from here.
  7. Just activate the original whatsapp with other number and thus enjoy two whatsapp on same android phone.